Are you in the first five years of teaching? Accelerate provides exceptional professional development, tailor-made for early career teachers – and it’s free for teachers in eligible schools.

The four-term Accelerate programme begins in the Spring Term 2019, with access to the online platform. It will rapidly develop your skills to improve outcomes for the young people you teach and benefit your wider school community. Funded by the Department for Education, it’s open to teachers in the first five years of their careers who are teaching in schools that meet our eligibility criteria.

Accelerate will be delivered regionally to create local communities of practice

The Accelerate programme includes:

A subject- or phase-specialist coach, supporting you to develop your expertise through deliberate practice

An induction event and regular workshops, building your knowledge of key topics

High-quality, mobile-friendly online activities and video library, with subject- and phase-specific content

A peer community of practice, creating strong local teacher networks, supported by your coach

Companion materials for in-school mentors and school leaders,  helping you to put learning into practice

Accelerate has been designed with the demands of a teaching timetable in mind.

The programme’s evidence-informed, world-leading training materials are subject- and phase-specific and have been designed specifically to support with the challenges you face in your early career: managing workload, assessment and feedback, managing behaviour, resources and planning, supporting students with SEND and cognitive science.

Accelerate has been designed with the demands of a teaching timetable and the needs of the school in mind; the blended learning programme is delivered with maximum flexibility through a mix of online learning, specialist coaching and local communities of practice to minimise time away from the classroom while the in-school mentor role is key to ensuring that coaching and support is aligned with school culture.

Programme content includes:

Using research, managing workload and building your career

Managing behaviour and developing a learning culture

Using cognitive science to inform your planning and teaching practice

Effective approaches to feedback and assessment

Designing lessons and curriculum to help all students to progress

Eligibility criteria

To participate in Accelerate you must be in your first five years of teaching when you start the course in early Spring Term 2019, have the support of your school to apply, and be teaching in a school that meets the eligibility criteria for funding.

To be eligible, your school must currently be Ofsted graded 3 or 4, or you must be teaching at a school in a DfE-identified ‘priority area’ or ‘opportunity area’. You can a list of priority areas and opportunity areas linked in the FAQs.

Places are limited, and schools which meet both elements of these criteria (ie are in a priority or opportunity area, AND are Ofsted graded 3 or 4) will take priority. Places will then be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

How much does it cost?

Accelerate is free of charge to teachers in their first five years of teaching who are working in eligible schools; it is being funded by the Department for Education’s Teaching and Leadership Innovation Fund, which supports high-quality professional development in the areas and schools in England that need it most.

This is an exceptional opportunity for participants and their schools to benefit from world-class training at no cost to you or your school.


If you are in the first five years of your teaching career or a school leader wanting to nominate early-career teachers in your school to participate, you can register now.

If you have any questions and would like to talk to one of the Accelerate team, please visit the contact us page.

The Accelerate programme will be delivered in partnership with networks of schools across the country, making use of practising classroom teachers from these schools as expert coaches. If your school would be interested in being a delivery partner and putting forward staff members to act as expert coaches, you can find out more here.