About Accelerate

Accelerate is a four-term specialist professional development programme, tailor-made for early career teachers – those in the first five years of teaching.

High-quality teaching is the biggest in-school factor in raising the attainment of children, but teachers’ learning curves are at their steepest in the early years of their careers – and this is where Accelerate’s specialist support can help.

Developed with expert teachers and teacher educators, Accelerate provides early career teachers with the essential specialist support they need to rapidly improve their practice to improve outcomes for learners; with Accelerate, early career teachers will quickly become more effective and efficient in the classroom. Built around professional development models that are the most effective in improving teacher practice and student outcomes, Accelerate incorporates expert instructional coaching, deliberate practice, and high-quality, evidence-informed content delivered through a flexible, blended model.

Programme overview

The Accelerate programme is free for teachers in eligible schools through funding from the Department for Education, but places are limited.

The programme commences in early in the Spring Term 2019 with teachers receiving their formal induction onto the programme and access to online activities and learning content. There are several face-to-face training sessions across the 4 terms of the programme where participants have expert input and work with teachers across all subject areas. These events are a regional 2-day residential event and two further locally held one-day workshops which will focus on the key content of the learning modules.

Specialist coaches will support participants throughout on a 1:1 basis, guide online conversations with programme participants, and run short local workshops each term to bring participants together.

Online modules throughout will guide participants’ practice and prompt reflection on development, providing practical video examples, activities and resources tailored to different subject areas and phases.

The formal end of the programme is March 2020, when participants will be encouraged to define the next steps in their own continuous professional development.

Benefits for participants

Content designed for early career teachers:

Using research, managing workload and building your career

Managing behaviour and developing a learning culture

Using cognitive science to inform your planning and teaching practice

Effective approaches to feedback and assessment

Designing lessons and curriculum to help all students to progress

Exceptional support to develop your practice:

An expert coach and mentor

As part of the Accelerate programme, you will be partnered with your subject- or phase-specialist coach. Your expert coach will work with you on a one-to-one basis as well as through workshops with a focus on deliberate practice – getting results by focusing on a targeted area and working towards specific well-defined goals. You will also get support via a nominated in-school mentor; their role will be key in aligning your professional development with your school’s culture.

A carefully chosen support network through your community of practice

Accelerate will give you the opportunity to link up with fellow early career teachers through the programme’s local coach-led communities of practice. These constructive networks provide a framework for collaborative and supportive peer review and offer a fresh perspective beyond your own school as well as a unique opportunity to learn.

Flexible delivery to meet your needs:

The very best training materials

Accelerate is evidence-informed and so has been designed around what works; the training content and pedagogies have been informed by a range of validated reviews and international frameworks for effective teaching. With core content as well as advanced modules, Accelerate’s evidence-informed, world-leading training materials are subject- and phase-specific to ensure they are directly relevant to your practice, and have been designed specifically to support with the challenges faced by early career teachers: managing workload, assessment and feedback, managing behaviour, resources and planning, supporting students with SEND and cognitive science.

Maximum flexibility to manage your professional development

Accelerate has been designed with the demands of a teaching timetable and the needs of the school in mind.  You can manage your Accelerate training to suit your timetable through the mobile-friendly online learning platform, whilst face-to-face activity is offered as locally as possible with regional hubs to minimise time out of school and the programme has been carefully designed to be both streamlined and efficient to help you maximise the benefits. Supporting materials for school leaders and an in-school mentor are key to ensuring that coaching and support is aligned with school culture.

Benefits for the whole school

The programme offers significant benefits for the wider school community as well, by upskilling an existing or new mentor and providing specialist professional development for school leaders. In-school mentors will be supported in effective mentoring, effective teacher professional development as well as in instructional coaching and will play a role in mentoring the participant; school leaders will be able to access specialist training in the use of research and evidence in school and supporting teachers to do the same.

Funding and eligibility

Accelerate is funded by the Department for Education’s Teaching and Leadership Innovation Fund, which supports high-quality professional development in the areas and schools in England that need it most.

To participate in Accelerate you must be in your first five years of teaching when you start the course in the Spring Term 2019, have the support of your school to apply, and be teaching in a school that meets the eligibility criteria for funding.

To be eligible, your school must currently be Ofsted graded 3 or 4, or you must be teaching at a school in a DfE-identified ‘priority area’ or ‘opportunity area’. You can a list of priority and opportunity areas in the FAQs.

Places are limited, and schools which meet both elements of these criteria (ie are in a priority or opportunity area, AND are Ofsted graded 3 or 4) will take priority. Places will then be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

If you would like to sign up to receive updates, or would like to talk to one of the Accelerate team, please visit the contact us page.

Interested in supporting delivery?

The Accelerate programme will be delivered in partnership with networks of schools across the country, making use of practising classroom teachers from these schools as expert coaches. Schools involved will be remunerated for their coaches’ time spent supporting the programme.

Coaches on the Accelerate programme will:

  • receive first-class training to develop their coaching skills further
  • have access and entitlement to their own coach/professional supervisor
  • be part of a network of coaches who will support and learn from each other
  • have the privilege of working with a group of teachers starting their careers and help them to accelerate their classroom practice to reach excellence.

Coaches on the programme will need to be prepared to attend a two day training session, run a termly short workshop with resources provided by the Accelerate team, and provide online support for a group of around 10 early career teachers. You will also provide 1:1 input, including observation (real life or video), discussion and feedback with each of the 10 teachers every term.

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Education Development Trust is an international not-for-profit organisation that transforms lives around the world by improving education and delivering careers and employability services. We have been working with governments, donor agencies, schools, leaders and teachers to effect and embed sustainable change for 50 years. As part of our charitable mission, we invest annually in a major programme of education research, which is available to download from our website. The insights from this research inform the projects we deliver, as well as influencing policymaking and supporting practitioners around the world.

Find out more about our research

As a participant on Accelerate, you will be joining thousands of teachers and other education professionals around the world who benefit from our support. Here in England, we have worked extensively with the Department of Education for over 20 years, for example training 300 specialist maths and physics teachers on the Future Teaching Scholars programme and providing a comprehensive package of support for thousands of teachers and school leaders introducing the new Core Maths qualifications. We also work with almost 1500 schools across England on a peer review programme, the Schools Partnership Programme, and have just helped the Welsh Government to set up its National Academy for Educational Leadership.

Further afield, our teams are coaching teachers in informal slum schools in Nairobi, developing the skills of English and maths teachers in every primary school in Rwanda, helping Jordanian school supervisors to use research evidence to improve teaching in government schools and supporting expert teachers in Brunei to improve the practice of their peers, to name just a few of our projects.

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